The Chicago Plumbing Code

Single Pipe Offsets


The formulas are to be used in the solution of all single pipe offsets from 5 5/8° to 72° when you know the angle fitting to be used. There are six formulas involving relations between the set, the advance and the travel. Sample problems are given.

The tables and formulas are to be used when you want to make an offset but do not know what angle fitting to use.

5⅝° Offset
Formulas for 5⅝° Single Pipe Offsets
11¼° Offset
Formulas for 11¼ ° Single Offsets used in plumbing and piping.
22½° Offsets
22½° Single Offsets
30° Offset
30° Single Offset Formulas
45° Offset
Formulas used to calculate 45° Offsets
60° Offsets
60° Single Offset
67½° Offsets
Formulas for 67½° Single Offsets
Formulas for 72° Single Offsets