The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-102


§ 18-29-102.1 General.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all matters affecting or relating to structures, as set forth in Section § 18-29-101.
Where, in any specific case, different sections of this chapter specify different materials, methods of construction or other requirements, the most restrictive shall govern.

§ 18-29-102.2 Existing installations.

Plumbing systems lawfully in existence at the time of the adoption of this chapter shall be permitted to have their use and maintenance continued if the use, maintenance or repair is in accordance with the original design and no hazard to life, health or property is created by such plumbing system.

§ 18-29-102.3 Maintenance.

All plumbing systems, materials and appurtenances, both existing and new, and all parts thereof shall be maintained in proper operating condition in accordance with the original design in a safe and sanitary condition. All devices or safeguards required by this chapter shall be maintained in compliance with the chapter edition under which they were installed. The owner or the owners designated agent shall be responsible for maintenance of plumbing systems. To determine compliance with this provision, the Building Commissioner shall have the authority to require any plumbing system to be reinspected.

§ 18-29-102.4 Additions, alterations or repairs.

Additions, alterations, renovations or repairs to any plumbing system shall conform to that required for a new plumbing system without requiring the entire existing plumbing system to comply with all the requirements of this chapter. Additions, alterations or repairs shall not cause an existing system to become unsafe, insanitary or overloaded.

§ 18-29-102.5 Change in occupancy.

It shall be unlawful to make any change in the occupancy of any structure that will subject the structure to any special provision of this chapter without first obtaining a building permit.

§ 18-29-102.6 Deliberately omitted.

§ 18-29-102.7 Moved buildings.

Except as determined by Section § 18-29-102.2, plumbing systems that are a part of buildings or structures moved into or within the jurisdiction shall comply with the provisions of this chapter for new installations.

§ 18-29-102.8 Referenced codes and standards.

The codes and standards referenced in this chapter shall be those that are listed in the index and considered part of the requirements of this chapter to the prescribed extent of each such reference. Where the requirements of reference standards or manufacturers installation instructions do not conform to minimum provisions of this chapter, the provisions of this chapter shall apply.

§ 18-29-102.9 Requirements not covered by chapter.

Any requirements necessary for the strength, stability or proper operation of an existing or proposed plumbing system, or for the public safety, health and general welfare, not specifically covered by this chapter shall be determined by the building commissioner.

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