The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-425

Flushing Devices for Water Closets and Urinals.

§ 18-29-425.1 Flushing devices required.

Each water closet, urinal, clinical sink and any, plumbing fixture that depends on trap siphonage to discharge the fixture contents to the drainage system shall be provided with a flushometer valve, flushometer tank or a flush tank designed and installed to supply water in quantity and rate of flow to flush the contents of the fixture, cleanse the fixture and refill the fixture trap.

§ 18-29-425.1.1 Separate for each fixture.

A flushing device shall not serve more than one fixture.

§ 18-29-425.2 Flushometer valves and tanks.

Flushometer valves and tanks shall comply with ASSE 1037. Vacuum breakers on flushometer valves shall conform to the performance requirements of ASSE 1001 or CSA CAN/CSA-B64.1.1. Access shall be provided to vacuum breakers. Flushometer valves shall be of the water-conservation type and shall not be utilized where the water pressure is lower than the minimum required for normal operation. When operated, the valve shall automatically complete the cycle of operation, opening fully and closing positively under the water supply pressure. Each flushometer valve shall be provided with a means for regulating the flow through the valve. The trap seal to the fixture shall be automatically refilled after each valve flushing cycle.

§ 18-29-425.3 Flush tanks.

Flush tanks equipped for manual flushing shall be controlled by a device designed to refill the tank after each discharge and to shut off completely the water flow to the tank when the tank is filled to operational capacity. The trap seal to the fixture shall be automatically refilled after each flushing. The water supply to flush tanks equipped for automatic flushing shall be controlled with a timing device or sensor control devices.

§ 18-29-425.3.1 Ball cocks.

All flush tanks shall be equipped with an antisiphon ball cock conforming to ASSE 1002 or CSA CAN/CSA- B125. The ball cock backflow preventer shall be located at least 1 inch (25 mm) above the full opening of the overflow pipe. A sheathed ball cock shall be installed in all gravity flush tanks in which the flush valve seat is located less than 1 inch (25 mm) above the flood level rim of the bowl.

§ 18-29-425.3.2 Overflows in flush tanks.

Flush tanks shall be provided with overflows discharging to the water closet or urinal connected thereto and shall be sized to prevent flooding the tank at the maximum rate at which the tanks are supplied with water. The opening of the overflow pipe shall be located above the flood level rim of the water closet or urinal or above a secondary overflow in the flush tank.

§ 18-29-425.3.3 Sheet copper.

Sheet copper utilized for flush tank linings shall conform to ASTM B152 and shall not weigh less than 10 ounces per square foot (0.03 kg/m2).

§ 18-29-425.3.4 Access required.

All parts in a flush tank shall be accessible for repair and replacement.

§ 18-29-425.4 Flush pipes and fittings.

Flush pipes and fittings shall be of nonferrous material and shall conform to ASME A112.19.5 or CSA CAN/CSA-B125.