The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-303


§ 18-29-303.1 Identification.

The manufacturer's mark or name and the quality of the product or identification shall be cast, embossed, stamped or indelibly marked on each length of pipe and each pipe fitting, trap, fixture, material and device utilized in a plumbing system in accordance with the applicable approved standard.

§ 18-29-303.2 Installation of materials.

All materials used shall be installed in strict accordance with the standards under which the materials are accepted and approved. In the absence of such installation procedures, the manufacturer's installation instructions shall be followed. Where the referenced standards or manufacturer's installation instructions do not conform to minimum provisions of this chapter, the provisions of this chapter shall apply.

§ 18-29-303.3 Plastic pipe, fittings and components.

All plastic pipe, fittings and components shall be identified with the mark of an approved agency as conforming to NSF 14.

§ 18-29-303.4 Labeling.

All plumbing appliances, plastic pipe, plastic fittings, plastic components, potable water pipe, potable water fittings, potable water components, faucets, fixture fittings and backflow preventers shall be labeled by an approved agency. Labeling shall be in accordance with the procedures set forth in Sections § 18-29-303.4.1 through § 18-29-303.4.2.3.

§ 18-29-303.4.1 Testing.

An approved agency shall test a representative sample of the material or piping being labeled to the relevant standard. The approved agency shall maintain a record of all of the tests performed. The record shall provide sufficient detail to verify compliance with the test standard. The City of Chicago Department of Water Testing Lab shall be included as an approved testing lab.

§ 18-29-303.4.2 Inspection and identification.

The approved agency shall periodically perform an inspection, which shall be in-plant if necessary, of the material or piping that is to be labeled. The inspection shall verify that the labeled material or piping is representative of the material or piping tested.

§ 18-29-303.4.2.1 Independent.

The agency to be approved shall be objective and competent. The agency shall also disclose all possible conflicts of interest so objectivity can be confirmed.

§ 18-29-303.4.2.2 Equipment.

An approved agency shall have adequate equipment to perform all required tests. The equipment shall be periodically calibrated.

§ 18-29-303.4.2.3 Personnel.

An approved agency shall employ experienced personnel educated in conducting, supervising and evaluating tests.