The Chicago Plumbing Code

Table § 18-29-702.4

Pipe Fittings



Cast-iron pipe hub & spigot

ASME B 16; ASME B16.12; ASTMA 74; ASTM A 888; CISPI 301

Cast iron hubless c

ASTM A 888; CISPI 301

Copper or copper alloy

ASME B16.15; ASME B16.18; ASME B16.22; ASME B16.2-3; ASME B16.26; ASME B16.29; ASME B16.32

Glass b

ASTM C 1053

Polypropylene or Polyvinylfluorodene (PVDF) b

ASTM F11412; ASTM D4101

Gray iron and ductile iron a


Malleable iron

ASME B16.3

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic c

ASTM D 3311


ASME B16.9; ASME B16.11; ASME B16.28

High Silicon content cast iron pipe b

ASTM F492-1985

Ductile iron pipe

AWWA C151; AWWA C115

a) May be used on aboveground storm and sanitary only.

b) For acid waste piping only.

c) In any building three stories or less in height for family occupancy only.