The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-715

Backwater Valves.

§ 18-29-715.1 Sewage backflow.

A backwater valve shall be installed only for plumbing fixtures where the overflow rim of the lowest plumbing fixtures are below the next upstream manhole in the public sewer. Plumbing fixtures with flood rims above the next upstream manhole shall not discharge through the backwater valve.

§ 18-29-715.2 Fixture branches.

Backwater valves shall be installed in the branch of the building drain that receives only the discharge from fixtures located within such branch and shall be located below ground.

§ 18-29-715.3 Material.

All bearing parts of backwater valves shall be of corrosion-resistant material. Backwater valves shall comply with ASME A112.14.1, CSA CAN/CSA-B 181.1 or CSA CAN/CSA-B 181.2.

§ 18-29-715.4 Seal.

Backwater valves shall be so constructed as to provide a mechanical seal against backflow.

§ 18-29-715.5 Diameter.

Backwater valves, when fully opened, shall have a capacity not less than that of the pipes in which they are installed.

§ 18-29-715.6 Location.

Backwater valves shall be installed so that access is provided to the working parts for service and repair.