The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-704

Drainage Piping and Installation.

§ 18-29-704.1 Slope of horizontal drainage piping.

Horizontal drainage piping shall be installed in uniform alignment at uniform slopes. The minimum slope of a horizontal drainage pipe shall be in accordance with Table§ 18-29-704.1.

§ 18-29-704.2 Change in size.

The size of the drainage piping shall not be reduced in size in the direction of the flow. A 4-inch by 3-inch (100 mm by 75 mm) water closet connection shall not be considered as a reduction in size.

§ 18-29-704.3 Connections to offsets and bases of stacks.

Horizontal branches shall connect to the bases of stacks at a point located not less than 10 pipe diameters downstream from the stack. Except as prohibited by Section § 18-29-711.2, horizontal branches shall connect to horizontal stack offsets at a point located not less than 10 pipe diameters downstream from the upper stack.

§ 18-29-704.4 Future fixtures.

Drainage piping for future fixtures shall terminate with an approved cap or plug.

§ 18-29-704.5 Dead ends.

In the installation or removal of any part of a drainage system, dead ends shall be prohibited. Cleanout extensions and approved future fixture drainage piping shall not be considered as dead ends.

§ 18-29-704.5.1 Freezing.

No soil or waste pipe shall be installed or permitted outside of a building or in an exterior wall unless provisions are made to protect such piping from freezing. This does not prohibit a soil or waste pipe from extending from a manufactured or mobile home unit to an approved point of discharge, provided such waste line is protected from freezing.

§ 18-29-704.5.2 Deliberately omitted.