The Chicago Plumbing Code

Table § 18-29-702.2

Underground Building Drainage and Vent Pipe



Cast-iron pipe hub & spigot b

ASTM A 74; CISPI 301; ASTM A 888

Glass pipe a

ASTM C 1053

Copper or copper-alloy tubing (Type K)

ASTM B 75; ASTM B 88; ASTM B 251

Polypropylene or Polyvinylfluorodene (PVDF) a

ASTM F1412

Ductile iron pipe

AWWA C151; AWWA C115

High silicon content cast iron pipe a

ASTMA A 377-1984

a) For acid waste only, on private system, not to be connected to the public sewer.

b) The use of cast iron pipe shall be limited to construction within private property. Cast iron pipe will not be allowed in the public way.

(Amend Coun. J. 3-27-02, p. 82090, 3)