The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-422

Health Care Fixtures and Equipment.

§ 18-29-422.1 Scope.

Sections § 18-29-422.9 and § 18-29-422.10 shall govern those aspects of health care plumbing systems that differ from plumbing systems in other structures. Health care plumbing systems shall conform to the requirements of this section in addition to the other requirements of this article. The provisions of this section shall apply to the special devices and equipment installed and maintained in the following occupancies: nursing homes, homes for the aged, orphanages, infirmaries, first aid stations, psychiatric facilities, clinics, professional offices of dentists and doctors, mortuaries, educational facilities, surgery, dentistry, research and testing laboratories, establishments manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs and medicines, and other structures with similar apparatus. Refer to the Illinois Department of Public Health requirements for licensing of facilities.

§ 18-29-422.2 Deliberately omitted.

§ 18-29-422.3 Deliberately omitted.

§ 18-29-422.4 Deliberately omitted.

§ 18-29-422.5 Deliberately omitted.

§ 18-29-422.6 Deliberately omitted.

§ 18-29-422.7 Deliberately omitted.

§ 18-29-422.8 Deliberately omitted.

§ 18-29-422.9 Sterilizer equipment requirements.

All sterilizers shall conform to the requirements of the mechanical article.

§ 18-29-422.9.1 Sterilizer piping.

Access for the purposes of inspection and maintenance shall be provided to all sterilizer piping and devices necessary for the operation of sterilizers.

§ 18-29-422.9.2 Steam supply.

Steam supplies to sterilizers, including those connected by pipes from overhead mains or branches, shall be drained to prevent any moisture from reaching the sterilizer. The condensate drainage from the steam supply shall be discharged by gravity.

§ 18-29-422.9.3 Steam condensate return.

Steam condensate returns from sterilizers shall be a gravity return system.

§ 18-29-422.9.4 Condensers.

Pressure sterilizers shall be equipped with a means of condensing and cooling the exhaust steam vapors. Nonpressure sterilizers shall be equipped with a device that will automatically control the vapor, confining the vapors within the vessel.

§ 18-29-422.10 Special elevations.

Control valves, vacuum outlets and devices protruding from a wall of an operating, emergency, recovery, examining or delivery room, or in a corridor or other location where patients are transported on a wheeled stretcher, shall be located at an elevation that prevents bumping the patient or stretcher against the device.