The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-304


§ 18-29-304.1 General.

To prevent rodents from entering structures, plumbing systems shall be designed and installed in accordance with all specifications set forth in this section.

§ 18-29-304.2 Strainer plates.

All strainer plates on drain inlets shall be designed and installed so that all openings are not greater than 1/2 inch (12 mm) in least dimension.

§ 18-29-304.3 Meter boxes.

Meter boxes shall be constructed in such a manner that rodents are prevented from entering a structure by way of the water service pipes connecting the meter box and structure.

§ 18-29-304.4 Openings for pipes.

In or on structures where openings have been made in walls, floors or ceilings for the passage of pipes, such openings shall be closed and protected by the installation of approved metal collars that are securely fastened to adjoining structure. Openings shall have a cover consisting of concrete not less than 2 inches (50 mm) thick, heavy galvanized wire netting of 1/2 inch (12 mm) mesh, or other means for preventing passage of rodents. These requirements shall be in addition to any protection for penetrations of fire-rated assemblies required in Chapter 15-8.