The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-414

Garbage Can Washers.

§ 18-29-414.1 Water connection.

The water supply to a garbage can washer shall be protected against backflow by an air gap or a backflow preventer in accordance with Section § 18-29-608.13.1, Section § 18-29-608.13.2, Section § 18-29-608.13.3, Section § 18-29-608.13.5, Section § 18-29-608.14 or Section § 18-29-608.15.

§ 18-29-414.2 Waste connection.

Garbage can washers shall be trapped separately. The receptacle receiving the waste from the washer shall have a removable basket or strainer to prevent the discharge of large particles into the drainage system.