The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-417


§ 18-29-417.1 Approval.

Prefabricated showers and shower compartments shall conform to ANSI Z124.2, ASME A112.19.9 or CSA B45.5. Shower valves for individual showers shall conform to the requirements of Section 18-29-424.4.

§ 18-29-417.2 Water supply riser.

Every water supply riser from the shower valve to the shower head outlet, whether exposed or not, shall be attached to the structure in an approved manner.

§ 18-29-417.3 Shower waste outlet.

Waste outlets serving showers shall be at least 2 inches (50 mm) in diameter and, for other than waste outlets in bathtubs, shall have removable strainers not less than 3 inches (75 mm) in diameter with strainer openings not less than 1/4 inch (6 mm) in minimum dimension. Where each shower space is not provided with an individual waste outlet, the waste outlet shall be located and the floor pitched so that waste from one shower does not flow over the floor area serving another shower. Waste outlets shall be fastened to the waste pipe in an approved manner.

§ 18-29-417.4 Shower compartments.

Shower installation, water temperature, dimensions, materials, public or institutional showers, and wall areas shall comply with Sections § 18-29-417.4.1 through § 18-29-417.4.7.

§ 18-29-417.4.1 Deliberately omitted.

§ 18-29-417.4.2 Wall area.

The wall area above built-in tubs with installed shower heads and in shower compartments shall be constructed of smooth, noncorrosive and nonabsorbent waterproof materials to a height not less than 72 inches (1829 mm) above the room floor level, and not less than 70 inches (1778 mm) where measured from the compartment floor at the drain. Such walls shall form a water-tight joint with each other and with either the tub, receptor or shower floor.

§ 18-29-417.4.3� Shower installation.

Traps shall be constructed so that the pan is fastened to the trap at the seepage entrance, making a water-tight joint between the pan and the trap. Shower receptacle waste outlets shall be at least 2 inches (50mm) in diameter and have a removable strainer.

§ 18-29-417.4.4 Water temperature safety.

All shower compartments and shower-bath combinations shall be provided with an automatic safety water mixing device to prevent sudden unanticipated changes in water temperature or excessive water temperatures. The automatic safety water mixing device shall be either thermostatic, pressure balance, or combination controlled, in accordance with ANSI/ASSE 1016-1990, and designed with a maximum handle rotation limit/stop, adjusted to a maximum setting of 115�F (46.1�C) at the time of installation. The temperature of mixed water provided to multi-shower units or gang showers shall be controlled by a master automatic safety water mixing device or the mixed water temperature for such showers shall be individually regulated by automatic safety mixing valves for each shower unit. A hot water heater thermostat shall not be an acceptable alternative water temperature control device.

§ 18-29-417.4.5 Dimensions.

Single-family shower compartments or stalls shall have at least 1,024 square inches (6606 cm2) outside dimension (O.D.) floor area and shall be at least 32 inches (813 mm) in shortest outside dimension. All other shower compartments or stalls shall have no less than 1,296 square inches (3292 cm2) outside dimension floor area and shall be at least 32 inches (813 mm) in shortest outside dimension.

§ 18-29-417.4.6 Materials.

Shower walls shall be constructed of durable, smooth, nonabsorbent, noncorrosive, and waterproof materials, such as fiberglass, enameled metal, or plastic sheeting. All shower compartments or stalls shall have a slip resistant floor (bottom) surface.

§ 18-29-417.4.7 Public or institution showers.

Floors of public shower rooms shall be drained so that no waste water from any bather will pass over areas occupied by other bathers. This shall not prohibit the use of column showers.

§ 18-29-417.5 Shower floor or receptors.

Floor surfaces or receptors shall comply with the following requirements:

§ 18-29-417.5.1 Support.

Floors or receptors under shower compartments shall be laid on, and supported by, a smooth and structurally sound base. Support for shower compartments shall comply with the following requirements:

  1. Plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet shall be a minimum of 0.040 inch (1 mm) thick, and shall meet the requirements of ASTM D 4551. Sheets shall be joined by solvent welding in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Non-plasticized chlorinated polyethylene (PE) sheet shall be a minimum 0.040 inch (1.02 mm) thick.
  3. Other materials of similar durability and water resistance may be used provided they are approved by the buildings commissioner.

§ 18-29-417.5.2 Deliberately omitted.

§ 18-29-417.6 Glazing.

Windows and doors within a shower enclosure shall conform to the safety glazing requirements of the building code.