The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-301


§ 18-29-301.1 Scope.

The provisions of this article shall govern the general regulations regarding the installation of plumbing not specific to other articles. These provisions govern the design and installation of new plumbing or existing plumbing systems and the alteration of plumbing systems. They apply to all new construction and any remodeling or renovation that alters existing plumbing systems. These provisions do not apply to existing buildings unless the plumbing system is being altered, the building occupancy is being changed or the existing plumbing creates a health or safety hazard.

§ 18-29-301.1.1 New occupancy.

If an existing building is changed from one occupancy to another it shall be treated as a new building and shall comply with the requirements of this chapter for its new occupancy.

§ 18-29-301.1.2 Age of building.

Regardless of the age of the building, where a health or safety hazard exists as determined by the Building Commissioner, the owner or his agent shall install additional plumbing or make corrections as may be necessary to abate the hazard or violation of this chapter.

§ 18-29-301.2 System installation.

Plumbing shall be installed with due regard to preservation of the strength of structural members, fire resistance of assemblies and prevention of damage to walls and other surfaces through fixture usage.

§ 18-29-301.3 Connections to drainage system.

All plumbing fixtures, drains, appurtenances and appliances used to receive or discharge liquid wastes or sewage shall be connected properly to the drainage system of the building or premises, in accordance with the requirements of this chapter. This section shall not be construed to prevent indirect waste systems provided for in Article 8. Existing underground building sewers and drains may be reused if the pipe has been inspected by closed circuit television in the presence of a city plumbing inspector and approved for reuse by the city plumbing inspector.

§ 18-29-301.4 Connections to water supply.

Every plumbing fixture, device or appliance requiring or using water for its proper operation shall be directly or indirectly connected to the water supply system in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and any rules and regulations of the department of water.

§ 18-29-301.5 Pipe, tube and fitting sizes.

Unless otherwise specified, the pipe, tube and fitting sizes specified in this chapter are expressed in nominal or standard sizes as designated in the referenced material standards.

§ 18-29-301.6 Prohibited locations.

Plumbing systems shall not be located in an exit stair shaft, an elevator shaft or in an elevator equipment room and other locations indicated in Titles 13-15.

Exception: Floor drains, sumps and sump pumps shall be permitted at the base of the shaft provided they are indirectly connected to the plumbing system. Refer to Chapter § 18-27 for additional prohibited electrical locations.