The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-302

Exclusion of Materials Detrimental to the Sewer System.

§ 18-29-302.1 Detrimental or dangerous materials.

Ashes, cinders or rags; flammable, poisonous or explosive liquids or gases; oil, grease or any other insoluble material capable of obstructing, damaging or overloading the building drainage or sewer system, or capable of interfering with the normal operation of the sewage treatment processes, shall not be deposited, by any means, into such systems.

§ 18-29-302.2 Industrial wastes.

Waste products from manufacturing or industrial operations shall not be introduced into the public sewer until it has been determined by the building commissioner or commissioner of water management that the introduction thereof will not damage the public sewer system or interfere with the functioning of the sewage treatment plant.

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