The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-402

Fixture Materials.

§ 18-29-402.1 Quality of fixtures.

Plumbing fixtures shall be constructed of approved materials, with smooth, impervious surfaces, free from defects and concealed fouling surfaces. Such fixtures shall conform to standards cited in this article. All porcelain enameled surfaces on plumbing fixtures shall be acid resistant.

§ 18-29-402.1.1 Used fixtures.

Where used fixtures are to be installed in any new or existing building, such fixtures shall be subject to the inspection and approval of the plumbing inspector. No used plumbing fixture shall be installed in any building unless such fixture is structurally sound and free from cracks or other defects. No sink, toilet, urinal, bathtub, laundry tray, slop sink, or wash bowl which has been used in any building or elsewhere shall be installed in any building, unless such fixture has before installation been thoroughly washed and disinfected in a solution approved by the board of health. The plumbing inspector shall ensure that this provision is strictly enforced and that no used fixture which may cause the spread of infection or disease is installed in any building in this city. No used fixture, even if structurally sound and in sanitary condition, shall be installed in any building in this city, unless such fixture is of the design required by the provisions of this article for a similar new fixture.

§ 18-29-402.2 Materials for specialty fixtures.

Materials for specialty fixtures not otherwise covered in this article shall be of stainless steel, soapstone, chemical stoneware or plastic, or shall be lined with lead, copper-base alloy, nickel-copper alloy, corrosion-resistant steel or other material especially suited to the application for which the fixture is intended.

§ 18-29-402.3 Sheet copper.

Sheet copper for general applications, shower pans or flashing of fixtures shall conform to ASTM B 152 and shall weigh not less than 12 ounces per square foot (3.7 kg/m2).

§ 18-29-402.4 Sheet lead.

Sheet lead for shower pans shall weigh not less than 4 pounds per square foot (19.5 kg/m2) and the sheet lead shall be coated with an asphalt paint or other approved coating.

§ 18-29-402.5 Fixture strainer.

Every fixture other than a water closet, pedestal urinal, clinic service sink or hospital fixture and every floor drain, shall be provided with a metallic strainer.

§ 18-29-402.6 Fixture overflow.

A new or existing overflow pipe if provided for a fixture, shall be connected on the inlet side of the trap and shall be accessible for cleaning.