The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-307

Structural Safety.

§ 18-29-307.1 General.

In the process of installing or repairing any part of a plumbing and drainage installation, the finished floors, walls, ceilings, tile work or any other part of the building or premises that must be changed or replaced shall be left in a safe structural condition and shall maintain required fire resistance in accordance with the requirements of the building code.

§ 18-29-307.2 Cutting, notching or boring of holes.

A framing member shall not be cut, notched or bored in excess of limitations specified in the building code.

§ 18-29-307.3 Penetrations of floor-ceiling assemblies and fire-resistance-rated assemblies.

Penetrations of floor-ceiling assemblies and assemblies required to have a fire-resistance rating shall be protected in accordance with Chapter 15-8.

§ 18-29-307.4 Trench location.

Trenches installed parallel to footings shall not extend below the 45-degree (0.79 rad) bearing plane of the footing or wall.