The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-609

Health Care Plumbing.

§ 18-29-609.1 General.

This section shall govern those aspects of health care plumbing systems that differ from plumbing systems in other structures. Health care plumbing systems shall conform to the requirements of this section in addition to the other requirements of this Article.

§ 18-29-609.1.1 Where required.

The provisions of this section shall apply to the special devices and equipment installed and maintained in the following occupancies: nursing homes, homes for the aged, orphanages, infirmaries, first aid stations, psychiatric facilities, clinics, professional offices of dentists and doctors, mortuaries, educational facilities, surgery, dentistry, research and testing laboratories, establishments manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs and medicines, and other structures with similar apparatus and equipment classified as plumbing.

§ 18-29-609.2 Water service.

All hospitals shall have two water service pipes installed in such a manner so as to minimize the potential for an interruption of the supply of water in the event of a water main or water service pipe failure.

§ 18-29-609.3 Hot water.

Hot water shall be provided to supply all of the hospital fixture, kitchen and laundry requirements. Special fixtures and equipment shall have hot water supplied at a temperature specified by the manufacturer. The hot water system shall be installed in accordance with Sections § 18-29-607 through § 18-29-607.6.

§ 18-29-609.4 Vacuum breaker installation.

Vacuum breakers shall be installed a minimum of 6 inches (150 mm) above the flood level rim of the fixture or device in accordance with Sections § 18-29-608 through § 18-29-608.17.1.2. The flood level rim of hose connections shall be the maximum height at which any hose is utilized.

§ 18-29-609.5 Prohibited water closed* and clinical sink supply.

Jet- or water-supplied orifices, except those supplied by the flush connections, shall not be located in or connected with a water closet bowl or clinical sink. This section shall not prohibit an approved bidet installation.

*Note As set forth in Coun. J. 3-28-01, p. 55444, 1; correct language appears to be 'closet'.

§ 18-29-609.6 Clinical, hydrotherapeutic and radiological equipment.

All clinical, hydrotherapeutic, radiological or any equipment that is supplied with water or that discharges to the waste system shall conform to the requirements of this section and Sections § 18-29-608 through § 18-29-608.17.1.2.

§ 18-29-609.7 Condensate drain trap seal.

A water supply shall be provided for cleaning, flushing and resealing the condensate trap, and the trap shall discharge through an air gap in accordance with Sections § 18-29-608 through § 18-29-608.17.12.

§ 18-29-609.8 Valve leakage diverter.

Each water sterilizer filled with water through directly connected piping shall be equipped with an approved leakage diverter or bleed line on the water supply control valve to indicate and conduct any leakage of unsterile water away from the sterile zone.