The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-409

Dishwashing Machines.

§ 18-29-409.1 Approval.

Domestic dishwashing machines shall conform to ASSE 1006. Commercial dishwashing machines shall conform to ASSE 1004.

§ 18-29-409.2 Water connection.

The water supply to a dishwashing machine shall be protected against backflow by an air gap or backflow preventer in accordance with Article § 18-29-6.

§ 18-29-409.2.1� Water supply connection.

� � �The water supply to commercial dishwashing machines shall be connected through an air gap or by means of proper backflow protection, e.g., a nonpressure type (atmospheric) vacuum breaker or a dual check valve backflow preventer assembly (DuC), depending upon the circumstances.

§ 18-29-409.2.2� Hot water.

A commercial dishwashing machine or similar dishwashing equipment that relies upon hot water for sanitizing dishes and utensils, rather than chemicals for sanitizing, shall provide rinse water at 180F (82.2C).

Exception: A single-tank, stationary-rack, single temperature dishwashing machine shall provide a rinse water temperature of 165F (73.8C).

§ 18-29-409.3 Waste connection.

When a domestic (private residence) dishwashing machine drain line is connected to the house side of a trap from a sink, the drain from the dishwasher shall be carried up to the underside of the spill rim of the sink. Dishwashing machines shall discharge separately into a trap or tail piece of the kitchen sink and shall not connect to the food waste disposal unit.

§ 18-29-409.3.1 Commercial dishwashers.

Commercial dishwashing machines shall indirectly discharge to a proper receptor connected to the drainage system, or may be hard connected provided the dishwashing machine is on a separate branch and an in- line floor drain is installed immediately downstream of the dishwasher connection.