The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-401


§ 18-29-401.1 Scope.

This article shall govern the materials, design and installation of plumbing fixtures, faucets and fixture fittings in accordance with the type of occupancy, and shall provide for the minimum number of fixtures for various occupancies and uses.

§ 18-29-401.2 Prohibited fixtures and connections.

Pan, valve, plunger, offset, washout, latrine, frost proof and other water closets having a concealed trap seal or an unventilated space or having walls that are not thoroughly washed at each discharge shall be prohibited. Any water closet that permits siphonage of the contents of the bowl back into the tank shall be prohibited. Trough urinals shall be prohibited. A fixed wooden wash tray or wooden sink shall not be installed or maintained in any building designed or used for human habitation. No metal lined wooden bathtub shall be installed or reconnected.

§ 18-29-401.3 Water conservation.

The maximum water flow rates and flush volume for plumbing fixtures and fixture fittings shall comply with Section § 18-29-604.4 of this article.

§ 18-29-401.4 Separate toilet room.

A room or space containing a urinal, bath or water closet shall be entirely separated from any other room, work space or hall by a solid partition extending from floor to ceiling broken only by the entrance doorway. No window, transom or other opening shall be made from any such room or space into an adjoining room, work space, hallway or compartment of any kind for the purpose of ventilation. Nothing in this section shall preclude the installation of supervised children's toilet areas in day care centers.