The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-602

Water Required.

§ 18-29-602.1 General.

Every structure equipped with plumbing fixtures and utilized for human occupancy or habitation shall be provided with a potable supply of water from the Chicago Waterworks System at the rates and charges specified in Chapter 11-12, in the amounts and pressures specified in this article.

§ 18-29-602.1.1 Obligations of water consumers.

Every person who shall construct, enter, alter, or use any part of the Chicago Water Works System and every consumer of water and owner, occupant, or person in possession, charge or control of any building, structure, or premises having service therefrom, shall be governed by and subject to the provisions of this code governing the use of water and also such other rules and regulations governing the use of water as may from time to time be promulgated by the commissioner of water. It is hereby made the duty of the commissioner of water to enforce the provisions of this code governing the use of water, and also any rules and regulations that may be promulgated as aforesaid.

§ 18-29-602.2 Potable water required.

Only potable water shall be supplied to plumbing fixtures that provide water for drinking, bathing or culinary purposes, or for the processing of food, medical or pharmaceutical products. Unless otherwise provided in this Article, potable water shall be supplied to all plumbing fixtures.

§ 18-29-602.3 Deliberately omitted.

§ 18-29-602.4 Reserve water supply.

Whenever a continuous supply of water is deemed indispensable by the Commissioner of Water, or Fire Commissioner, the owner or occupant shall provide a tank (or other receptacle of sufficient capacity) to supply the needs of such building including any required fire protection, structure or premises, including any required for fire protection, during the period that the pipe section to which the service pipe is connected is shut off for repairs, connections, extensions or testing purposes.

§ 18-29-602.4.1 Installation of line valves or taps.

In lieu of the installation of such a tank or other receptacle, the owner or occupant shall provide for continuous water supply by requesting the city to install line valves in the water main or to install a tap in the water main for an auxiliary or emergency connection of a second service pipe with separate meter control so that each service pipe shall have an independent source of supply.

§ 18-29-602.4.2 Dual meter settings.

To further insure a continuous supply of water where line valves are installed in the water main, dual meter settings shall be installed by the owner or occupant. The cost of these installations is to be borne by the owner or occupant of the building, structure or premises to which the water service is furnished.