The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-708


§ 18-29-708.1 Scope.

This section shall govern the size, location, installation and maintenance of drainage pipe cleanouts.

§ 18-29-708.2 Cleanout plugs.

Cleanout plugs shall be of brass, plastic or other approved materials. Brass cleanout plugs shall be utilized with metallic drain, waste and vent piping only, and shall conform to ASTM A 74. Plastic cleanout plugs shall conform to the requirements of Section § 18-29-702.4. Plugs shall have raised square or countersunk square heads. Countersunk heads shall be installed where raised heads are a trip hazard. Cleanout plugs with borosilicate glass systems shall be of borosilicate glass.

§ 18-29-708.3 Where required.

Cleanouts shall be located in accordance with Sections § 18-29-708.3.1 through § 18-29-708.3.5.

§ 18-29-708.3.1 Horizontal drains within buildings.

All horizontal drains shall be provided with cleanouts located not more than 100 feet (30.48m) apart, except that the maximum shall be 50 feet (15.25 m) for drains 4 inches (100 mm) diameter or less, 150 feet (45.7 m) for drains 10 inches (250 mm) diameter or larger.

§ 18-29-708.3.2 Building sewers.

All building sewers shall be provided with cleanouts located not more than 100 feet (30.48 m) apart measured from the upstream entrance of the cleanout, unless manholes are adequately spaced according to the current edition of the permit requirement and fees book.

§ 18-29-708.3.3 Changes of direction.

Cleanouts shall be installed at each change of direction of the building drain or horizontal waste or soil lines greater than 45 degrees (0.79 rad). Where more than one change of direction occurs in a run of piping, only one cleanout shall be required for each 40 feet (12.2 m) of developed length of the drainage piping.

§ 18-29-708.3.4 Base of stack.

A cleanout shall be provided at the base of each waste or soil stack.

§ 18-29-708.3.5 Building drain and building sewer junction.

There shall be a cleanout near the junction of the building drain and the building sewer. The cleanout shall be either inside or outside the building wall and shall be brought up to the finished ground level or to the basement floor level. An approved two-way cleanout is allowed to be used at this location to serve as a required cleanout for both the building drain and building sewer. The cleanout at the junction of the building drain and building sewer shall not be required if the cleanout on a 3-inch (75 mm) or larger diameter soil stack is located within a developed length of 10 feet (3.05 m) of the building drain and building sewer connection.

§ 18-29-708.3.6 Manholes.

Manholes serving a building drain shall have secured gas-tight covers and shall be located in accordance with Section § 18-29-708.8.

§ 18-29-708.4 Concealed piping.

Cleanouts on concealed piping, piping under a floor slab or piping in a crawl space of less than 36 inches (915 mm) in height, or piping in a plenum shall be extended through and shall terminate flush with the finished wall, floor or ground surface or shall be extended to the outside of the building. Cleanout plugs shall not be covered with cement, plaster or any other permanent finish material. Where it is necessary to conceal a cleanout or to terminate a cleanout in an area subject to vehicular traffic, the covering plate, access door or cleanout shall be of an approved type designed and installed for this purpose.

§ 18-29-708.5 Opening direction.

Every cleanout shall be installed to open to allow cleaning in the direction of the flow of the drainage pipe or at right angles thereto.

§ 18-29-708.6 Prohibited installation.

Cleanout openings shall not be utilized for the installation of new fixtures or floor drains, except where approved and where another cleanout of equal access and capacity is provided.

§ 18-29-708.7 Minimum size.

Cleanouts shall be the same nominal size as the pipe they serve up to 4 inches (100 mm). For pipes larger than 4 inches (100 mm) nominal size, the minimum size of the cleanout shall be 4 inches (100 mm).

Exception: 'P' trap connections with slip joints or ground joint connections, or stack cleanouts that are no more than one pipe diameter smaller than the drain served, shall be approved.

§ 18-29-708.8 Pipes 8 inches and larger.

For building sewers 8 inches (200 mm) and larger nominal size, manholes shall be provided and located at each change in direction greater than 45 degrees, and at the locations and intervals referenced in the current edition of the permit requirement and fees book.

§ 18-29-708.9 Clearances.

Cleanouts on 6-inch (150 mm) and smaller pipes shall be provided with a clearance of not less than 18 inches (457 mm) for rodding. Cleanouts on 8-inch (200 mm) and larger pipes shall be provided with a clearance of not less than 36 inches (914 mm) for rodding.

§ 18-29-708.10 Access.

Access shall be provided to all cleanouts.