The Chicago Plumbing Code

§ 18-29-601


§ 18-29-601.1 Scope.

This article shall govern the materials, design and installation of water supply systems, both hot and cold, for utilization in connection with human occupancy and habitation and shall govern the installation of individual water supply systems. In any building or structure in the city of Chicago, any water pipe or pipes or systems of water piping which receives or is intended to receive, its service from the Chicago Waterworks System shall be administered and enforced by the commissioner of the department of water. In all premises supplied with water from the Chicago Water Works System, the owner, agent, lessee, or occupant shall maintain in good condition all plumbing fixtures and appurtenances, service pipes including meter connections, and water supply piping from the curb valve to the further-most water outlet.

§ 18-29-601.2 Inspections and notices.

It shall be the duty of the commissioner of water to inspect the installation of, extension to, or any alterations in all water service, water supply or water distribution piping system in all buildings, structures, and premises having service from the Chicago Water Works System.

The officers and employees of the department of water or anyone authorized to act for it, shall have free entry and access to any building, structure or premise or part thereof, whether completed or in the process of erection, for the purpose of determining whether the building provisions of this code are complied with, and wherever it is found that such installation, extension, or alteration does not conform, it shall be his duty to serve written notice on owner, occupant or person in possession of such building, structure or premise of non- compliance to make such alterations or repairs as are necessary to eliminate the cause or causes of nonconformity, and in case of failure to do so within 10 days from the date of such notice, the commissioner of water may cause the water supply from the Chicago Water Works System to be shut off until the requirements in the building provisions of this code are complied with. Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to apply to any building, structure or premise existing on August 3, 1938, unless the plumbing or water distribution system in said existing buildings are changed in a degree exceeding 'minor repairs' as defined in Section § 18-29-202 of this Code or where conditions hazardous to health exist due to connections to the city water supply in violation of this code.

§ 18-29-601.3 Access for inspections.

The department of water and any person delegated or authorized by the commissioner of water shall have free entry and access to every part of any building, structure or premises whenever such entry or access is deemed necessary or advisable. Wherever any person, in possession, charge or control of any such building structure, or premises, into which any officer or authorized person shall desire entry or access, shall refuse to permit such entry or access, the commissioner of water may turn off the water service from said building, structure or premises, until notice shall have given* the commissioner in writing that entry or access will be permitted or provided and until such entry or access shall have been accomplished.

* Note - As set forth in Coun. J. 3-28-01, p. 55444, 1; correct language appears to be ...have been given....

§ 18-29-601.4 Solar energy utilization.

Solar energy systems used for heating potable water or using an independent medium for heating potable water shall comply with the applicable requirements of this Article. The use of solar energy shall not compromise the requirements for cross connection or protection of the potable water supply system required by this chapter.